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When you tell someone about Evertek’s services and they mention your name, we will reward you with a $25 credit applied to your bill after their installation. We appreciate your business!
Some restrictions may apply. Offer and pricing good where available. Specific promotions apply to certain products and services. Call for details

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Evertek News

Scam Alert from Evertek

April 16, 2015 2:46 PM
Recently, Evertek has had a couple of customers receive pop ups claiming to give money or gifts for filling out a survey. Then a request for a credit card is asked of the recipient in order to cover … more...

Sun Outages

February 11, 2015 10:30 AM
During the Spring and Fall each year, a phenomenon occurs known as “sun outages”. A sun outage happens when the satellite which we receive our TV programming travels directly in line with … more...

Why Choose Evertek?

Evertek, Inc., founded in 1989 and United Farmers Telephone Co. founded in 1905 are headquartered in Everly, Iowa and subsidiaries of Evertek Enterprises. Evertek is a Total Communications provider offering an array of services via Fiber, cable, copper, wireless and satellite. These services include Internet, IPTV, Digital Phone and Cable TV. Evertek also provides Cellular phones, Public Safety as well as Security & Monitoring Systems. Evertek holds and has deployed the BRS spectrum for Mason City, Sioux City, and Fort Dodge with towers that extend coverage into Eastern Nebraska and South Dakota. With unique partnerships with Municipalities, ILEC's, CLEC's, and Electrical Cooperatives, Evertek has opened the door to new opportunities extending their coverage area while closing the gap for underserved areas.